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DU2 Series High Voltage Supply Module


TestUni’s DU2 series is a high-precision, compact DC/DC high voltage power supply module. The rated output voltage ranges from 0V to -20kV and the maximum output power is 20W. The power supply is characterized by low output ripple, high linearity, high stability and small temperature drift coefficient. The user can linearly adjust the output voltage by external control voltage or multi-circle potentiometer. The shell is made of metal material with low resistance and high permeability, which results in a good electromagnetic shielding function.

Product Characteristics

  • Low noise, small output ripple
  • Low time drift and temperature drift
  • The output voltage is continuously and linearly adjustable
  • Good output overload and short circuit protection function
  • Small size, low power consumption, high stability
  • Quick rise-time



Typical Application

It is widely used in spectrometer, chromatograph, mass spectrometer, night vision devices and other devices. It is also applied to the fields of medical and chemical industry, security inspection, scientific instruments, communication and transportation, scientific research, national defense, etc.

Shape, Structure and Size


Parameters Description
Input voltage (typical) +24VDC±2V
Output voltage 0~20kV
Output current 1mA
Output power 20W
Ripple and noise The minimum ripple peak to peak value is less than 0.02% of rated output voltage under rated load
Voltage regulation The minimum rate is less than 0.01% within the range of the maximum input voltage under rated load
Load regulation When the input voltage is constant, the minimum load is less than 0.01% from no-load to rated load
Rise time 20 ~ 1000ms
Time drift ≤ 0.01% / 8h (30 minutes after being powered on)
Temperature drift ≤25ppm/℃ (operating temperature: 0℃ ~ +65℃)
Reference voltage output Vref:+5VDC±1%
Voltage monitoring 0 ~ +5VDC corresponds to 0 ~ 100% rated output, Zout=470 Ω, display accuracy: ±1%
Current monitoring 0 ~ +5VDC corresponds to 0 ~ 100% rated output, Zout=470 Ω, display accuracy: ±1%
Output voltage control mode Potentiometer External (≥10K Ω) multi-circle potentiometer
External control voltage 0 ~ +5VDC, linearity: ±1%
Start-stop function High level (≥3V) or off when hanging; Start at low level (≤0.7V)
Grounding method The control is grounded together with the input and output, and the shell is grounded
Protection method Current limiting
Port outbound mode Input and control terminal Outlet mode: XHB9P type plug terminal; Standard lead length 200mm
High voltage outlet Outlet mode: direct outlet mode; Standard lead length is 1000mm
Operating temperature -25 ° C ~ + 65 ° C (Industrial)
Storage temperature range -45 ° C ~ + 85 ° C (Industrial)
Relative humidity 20% ~ 85% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 115*60*30mm

Pin Function Definition

Pin Function definition Pin Function definition
Vin (red) Power supply input R/S (brown) Start/stop
GND (black) Input ground Vdis (purple) Voltage monitor
SGND (black) Control ground Idis (orange) Current monitor
Vadj (yellow) Control voltage HGND (white) Output ground
Vref (green) Reference voltage Output (red) High voltage output

Wiring diagram

1. The potentiometer adjustment mode must use high precision multi circle potentiometer with resistance ≥ 10K Ω
2. The external control voltage regulation mode must use DC control voltage with high stability and low ripple
3. GND, SGND and HGND have already been connected internally and connected to the power supply shell
4. R/S Connects to TTL high and low levels

Control-output Curve Relationship

Main Precautions

  • To ensure the technical indexes of high-voltage power supply and reduce mutual interference, it is recommended to use independent voltage power supply.
  • When connecting with the external circuit, please ensure the accuracy of the connection and ensure there is no loose connection or short circuit, to avoid damaging the power supply and users’ equipment.
  • Keep a certain insulation distance near the power output end to avoid high voltage arcing or ignition with surrounding components.

Ordering Information

Please Quote with Order Model Number:

Line Part # or Option # Description
1.1 HVM-DU2-203.13P24 DU2 HV Supply Module, output 0 to +20kV, 1mA, input 24V
1.2 HVM-DU2-203.13N24 DU2 HV Supply Module, output 0 to -20kV, 1mA, input 24V

(Many customized specifications are available upon request)

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm
Output voltage

-20kV, 20kV

Input voltage


Output current



DU2 Series High Voltage Supply Module Datasheet

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